Stained Teeth – Causes and Prevention

Stained Teeth – Causes and Prevention

People from all walks of life want to maintain a healthy smile which forms a vital part of their overall personality. A confident, bright attitude is made up of a healthy smile with sparkling white teeth. But it is obvious that confidence level will go down if the teeth get stained with unhealthy habits. What we consume has a major impact upon our overall health. It is generally advised to regularly brush the teeth two times a day. But failing to maintain healthy habits leads to stained teeth as well. Whether a person will be able to smile boldly do depends on the color as well as health of teeth in his oral cavity. Discoloration of teeth is caused because of several different reasons which are discussed below:

Unhealthy Eating Habits

It happens that people cannot consume healthy food as per the kind of lifestyle they follow. When there is excess of work life pressure, people either forget to eat or eat unhealthy food without considering how it will affect their oral health. Depending on the constituents of food that is taken in, discoloration of teeth occurs. There are acidic components as well as artificial chemicals found in the unhealthy food stuff sold in the markets which are responsible for teeth staining. Products like tea, coffee, soft drinks, candies, burgers and pizzas increase the chances of germ attack in the mouth with excessive use over time.

Effect of Ageing over Color of Teeth

Both internal as well as external factors are responsible for teeth discoloration as you grow older. The upper layer of teeth gets eroded with age and the yellowish color of dentin inside the teeth begins to show up. Habit of excessive smoking and drinking liquids high in sugar content also contribute to stains over teeth.

Expert Dentists to Help You Smile

For stained teeth and other health related problems, it is best to visit qualified and experienced dentists for teeth whitening services as well as for complete dental examination. They have the expertise to treat minor as well as critical dental ailments with the best techniques used in dentistry.