Signs Your Wisdom Tooth May Need To Be Removed

Signs Your Wisdom Tooth May Need To Be Removed

Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars typically appear between the age of 17 and 21. The name of the tooth is a reflection of the time when they show up – an older age. If healthy wisdom teeth pop out or pass through gums in a proper manner with enough space to align them and assist in chewing this was a significant advantage to our forefathers. But for some around 5 million Canadian annually, the wisdom teeth are impervious or impacted, and thus they require removal.
The majority of patients have two wisdom teeth, one on top and two at the bottom. By regularly visiting the dentist, Cusp dental in Surrey Clayton Heights is able to check the wisdom teeth either before or as they grow, determining the need to remove them to prevent suffering, damage to the other teeth, or gum disease. Here are eight signs that a wisdom tooth might need to be removed

Cusp Dental in Clayton Heights1.   The irritation or pain in the gums: Pain varies – could be frequent or intermittent. The pain can make it difficult to eat properly or brush your teeth. This could lead to bad breath, infection, or cavities.
2.   Gums that are tender or swollen: A flap of gum could develop around the tooth’s entrance, which may become infected by trapped food particles and bacteria.
3.   Gums that are bleeding: When brushing your teeth, gums can flow, signalling that your wisdom tooth getting through.
4.   Earaches or headaches: Radiating pain from an affected wisdom tooth.
5.   Sinus problems that are frequent: Upper wisdom teeth could put stress on the sinuses which can result in sinus inflammation and congestion.
6.   Tenderness, swelling, or discomfort in the jaw: Wisdom teeth that are emerging could alter your bite, leading to jaw pain and discomfort.
7.   Teeth are getting too crowded or crooked: Cusp dental specialists assess whether there is an issue with overcrowding by examining the x-rays. This will help prevent discomfort and pain (even the possibility of biting your cheek or tongue) and could help to reduce the need for braces.
8.   Cysts:The formation of sacs filled with fluid can develop close to the emergence of the wisdom tooth.

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Wisdom tooth extractions are a frequent procedure that is offered by Cusp Dental. Think you might require wisdom teeth removed? Let’s talk about options with us.