Practice philosophy / Technology

Our Mission Statement / Practice philosophy

At Cusp Dental we offer a wide range of services. We strive to provide treatment in the most advanced and ethical manner. Our aim is to provide you with the correct information for you to make an informed decision, and provide a friendly environment for our patients.

We keep ourselves up to date with the latest, cutting edge in modern technology, education and sterilization techniques so that we are able to provide our clients with the best service.

Our patients can expect our unbiased, honest, patient-centred opinion. We want your experience at Cusp Dental to be a relaxed and comfortable one.

Our Technology

Velscope Oral Cancer
Standard of care of early detection of oral cancer.
Intraoral Cameras
We want our patient to be informed.
Low Radiation Digital X-rays
90 % reduction in radiation.

Background radiation per day from sun, cell phone or plane ride is more than 4 Bitewing X-rays ( 0.005 mSv micro- Sieverts )
An Average 7-hour plane ride is equal to 16 X-rays.

For better visualization and patient education.

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