1. Tooth Pain – Could Be For Any Of The Following Reasons

  • The nerve is irritated
  • Infection
  • Gum Disease
  • Injury/Fracture
  • TMJ Disorder

2. Trauma

  • a. Broken/ Chipped Tooth – could be because of the following
    • accident or trauma to face
    • biting something hard
    • using teeth to open things
  • b. Avulsed Tooth – (knocked-out tooth)
  • Find the tooth, avoid touching the root of the tooth make sure to keep the patient calm.
  • Reposition If the tooth is dirty, wash it under cold water for 10 seconds and reposition the tooth in the socket. Bite on cotton to hold the tooth in place.
      If repositioning is not possible, then do the following:

    • Milk – store in milk if reposition not possible.
    • Hanks balanced solution – if available store the tooth in this solution.
    • In between the cheeks – tooth can also be transported in the mouth between the molars and the cheeks. But have to be very careful to make sure patient does not swallow, specially young kids
  • Avoid storage in water.
  • Seek immediately Emergency dental treatment.

3. Swelling

  • Abscess could be because of an infected nerve which proceeds further into the bone or gums infection.
  • Space infection spreads to spaces on the face. Sometimes it can be also be life threatening especially around the eye and around neck area.

4. Lost Filling

It happens when decay developed underneath the existing filling. The exposed tooth tissue can be sensitive to pressure, air or hot and cold temperature.

5. Dislodged Crown

It may happen due to failure of bonding of cement or due to sports injury.
Once the crown is dislodged, the tooth might become sensitive due to exposure of dentin

6. Loose Tooth

  • Injury to the teeth: Healthy teeth are strong, but injury to face can damage the teeth and surrounding tissue. Any one suspecting injury to the teeth should see the dentist immediately.
  • Periodontitis: It is the inflammation of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth. It damages the soft tissues and erode the bone that supports your teeth, which can cause teeth to loosen. Regular dental hygiene appointments can prevent this from happening.
  • Clenching: Clenching the teeth during times of stress or grinding them at night can wear down the tissues and loosen the teeth.A dentist may be able to detect the problem before the teeth are permanently damaged.

7. Broken Denture

Denture can break due to general wear and tear over time or in some instances, it falls out and break. We encourage you to gather any piece of your dentures that has broken off, including any of the wires and tooth or teeth. Please do not continue wearing damaged dentures.

8. Trismus Or Difficulty in Opening the Mouth can happen due to:

  • Third molar infection
  • TMJ pathology
  • Muscle spasm because of opening the jaw for a period of time or having a needle pass through a muscle
  • Fractures

9. Loose implant

Can be due to a loose dental crown, bone loss around the area and peri-implantitis. In case of a loose implant, please contact the dentist immediately. The consequences of leaving it untreated can be life-threatening.

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